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Welcome to Explain the Dream, your gateway to understanding what your dreams really mean. Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean or why you have them? You're not alone. It’s our mission is to unravel the cryptic messages hidden within your dreams and provide you with insight of their meanings. Just describe your dream above and we will tell you what it means.

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Have you ever awakened from a vivid dream, filled with curiosity about its hidden meaning? Well, now you can embark on a journey deep beneath the surface of every dream, uncovering a treasure trove of insights, emotions, and revelations.

Connect the dots, decode hidden messages, and chart your personal growth on the path to self-discovery.

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Our carefully curated guides are your roadmap to deciphering your world of dreams. Whether you're seeking to decode the symbolism in your dreams, understand common themes, master the art of dream journaling, or unlock the mysteries of lucid dreaming, we've got you covered. Start your journey toward self-discovery and deeper insights by exploring our expertly crafted guides.

Your dreams hold the key, and we're here to help you unlock their secrets.

Common dreams

Our dream library is your portal to understanding the meanings behind the dreams we all encounter at some point in our lives. Explore this extensive collection and search for the significance of dreams that resonate with you. From falling to flying, being chased to appearing in public unclothed, our comprehensive dream database provides insights into the symbolism and interpretations of these universal dream themes.