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Alexis Thomson
Alexis Thomson

If you could watch everyone’s dreams on Netflix we doubt it would make for the next trending hit. Most of the time they are just intended for one person, you. As for your main storyline, it can be from mundane as your weekly shop to having a job interview. Hardly the next Squid Game. 

But dreams are a bit more complex than watching your favourite show. If you believe like the Egyptians did that dreams are a form of seeing, then you might just be able to guess those lottery numbers next week with the right dream. In reality, dream meanings are not so linear. They are not necessarily the future, nor are they just figments of your imagination. They are a combination of your thoughts, experiences and emotions. But their meanings can be interpreted.

Before you interpret your dreams though and unlock their meanings. You need to get good at recalling them, so check out our How to Dream guide and start recalling your dreams with much higher accuracy. 

It is a common question we get though. What do our dreams mean, it is why we started this website – to help everyone understand the meanings of their dreams and start their own journal. From your journal, we will be able to pull themes and meanings out together. Dreaming is multifaceted and we are here to help you understand it. 

Every dream is unique and has a unique meaning to you. That being said there are a number of common dreams that keep coming up in our interpretation library. Here are some of the most common dreams (click to find out what they mean):

Do you experience any of the most common dreams? For full guides on your entire dream, use our dream interpreter or check out our dream dictionary where we have over 500 common dream meanings.

For now, keep on dreaming.