All about Explain The Dream

The mission of Explain The Dream

At Explain the Dream, our mission is clear - to break down the meaning of everyone's dreams unique to their personal experience. Every dream is different with unique nuances and hidden meanings, we want to help unlock these and improve your sleep, health and overall well-being. After all, there is nothing better than a dream.

The founding team

Explain the Dream, is a premier platform founded by Alexis Thompson, a distinguished dream expert with over a decade of experience. Along for the journey is her dedicated team of seasoned dreamers, collectively committed to helping every person who wants to know more about their dreams achieve true understanding.

We aren’t new to this… Alexis and her team bring you unique and personalised meanings to every single dream. We use a unique combination of AI interpretation and years of hands-on experience in dream analysis to truly understand the meaning behind every single dream.

This is not generic dream information, but a dream explanation that is unique to you and your life.

This is just the beginning

This is only the start of our journey. We are going to be brining updates to our dream journal including theme and emotion analysis. We are not just interpreting dreams; we are building a dynamic community that shares our experiences. Explain the Dream is going to be the internet's go-to destination for dream exploration.

Start understanding your dreams today.