Alexis Thomson

Meet Alexis Thomson, the dedicated dream analysis expert at Explain The Dream. Hailing from the heart of England, Alexis brings a wealth of knowledge and a warm, approachable manner to guide dream enthusiasts on their journeys. With a passion for unravelling the mysteries of the subconscious mind, Alexis has spent years delving into the enigmatic world of dreams. Through the lens of psychology, she aims to help individuals decipher the hidden messages their dreams hold. Alexis's mission is clear: to assist others in understanding the rich tapestry of their nightly adventures, offering insights that can illuminate their waking lives. Whether it's puzzling symbols, recurring themes, or elusive emotions, she is there to help make sense of it all. Join Alexis on this captivating voyage into the realms of the subconscious, where together, you'll unlock the secrets that your dreams long to reveal. Feel free to reach out, share your dreams, and let's embark on this enlightening exploration together!