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Let's face it, we all have to work. But one of the saddest things I hear is that famous acronym a restaurant is named after: TGIF - "Thank God It's Friday!" I don't know about you, but I don't want to endure 5/7th's of my life to enjoy 2/7th's of my life. I want to LOVE WHAT I DO for a living! Yet few people really do.

I also want to approach the rest of life and all its responsibilities with excitement and purpose! One of the other saddest things I hear is the attitude plaguing much of the next generation - it is a general apathy towards life: the sense of meaning, purpose and excitement for the most part is gone. They are just drifting through life. Anyway, here are a few questions you may be asking:

  • How can I enjoy my job?
  • How can I get ahead in life?
  • How do I turn failure into success?
  • How do I get out of debt?
  • What are some good investment strategies?
  • Why does it seem like I never have enough money?

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